I started getting involved in the community for my love of sharing what passionate my in technology and at work. I never thought this would bring me to speak at an event like Microsoft Ignite, thus it's exactly what I'll be doing in a few days. This year Microsoft Ignite is again in Orlando, FL between November 4-8.

What Is Microsoft Ignite?

It is the biggest Microsoft event of the year with roughly 26K people gathering for the event. It offers opportunities to meet with Microsoft experts, product groups, MVPs and community members. There are tons of networking opportunities, enhanced through parties, community areas and "Ask the Expert" sessions.

Our Cloud Journey

I'll be speaking about the visibility & cost optimization aspect of our journey to the cloud at GSoft & ShareGate. I wrote a 10000-foot blog about it a couple of weeks ago: https://sharegate.com/blog/our-journey-on-prem-to-azure

When I joined GSoft, they were already using Microsoft Azure. It grew organically over the years; Starting as experiments, running client development environments, then production environments. Even if it was already the case, the company made it official in 2016, all new project/products would go directly to the cloud.

Lessons learned in gaining visibility and lowering cost in our Azure environments

I'll speak about what we did good, bad and what we learned in the process. I think that speaking about our experience can help others in their own cloud adoption journey.

Tuesday, November 5
The Hub: Partner Solution Zone - Theater 2
12:40 PM - 1:00 PM

Do you ask yourself if your Azure spending is optimal or how you can do better? Staying on top of your consumption brings great benefits as it is an important aspect of a healthy governance plan. Learn how to determine if you misuse your resources and how cost monitoring helps detect bugs and defects early, preventing cost bleeding.  

Here is the link to add it to your schedule if you are there in person or view it offline after the event, session code THR2220:

THR2220 - Lessons learned in gaining visibility and lowering cost in our Azure environments